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RT @harikondabolu: "No Take Backs!" -THE INTERNET
- Tuesday Mar 31 - 11:22pm

Things on Twitter I don't understand, March 31: homemade Peeps, White Castle sneakers, David Lee Roth's Breathe Right strip
- Tuesday Mar 31 - 11:07pm

.@MoontowerComedy Fest ATX day-by-day w @harikondabolu @toddbarry @JudahWorldChamp + lots more http://t.co/G3fV4vzLE1 via @thelaughbutton
- Tuesday Mar 31 - 10:41pm

.@EugeneMirman Comedy Fest Boston Apr 17-19 @HJBenjamin @wyattcenac @maevehiggins & more http://t.co/nU74ILdgU5 http://t.co/lkvAPvoE4d
- Tuesday Mar 31 - 10:19pm

RT @shivvy: I just figured #TIDALforALL was a campaign to give all residents on Earth a copy of Fiona Apple's incredible debut album.
- Tuesday Mar 31 - 9:27pm

"Brilliant" @RISKshow live @NerdMelt tonite w @iAmBeowulfJones SeanPatton, Dave Ross & more http://t.co/rrHGTEehq0
- Tuesday Mar 31 - 4:52pm

RT @RISKshow: LA! Heard the stories for tmrrw's @NerdMelt show; you don't want to miss a single one! @davetotheross @DeolKiran @touchingche
- Monday Mar 30 - 11:00pm

RT @Eater: Bravo's newest culinary competition show will be hosted by @MaxSilvestri http://t.co/MS3MYorB5P http://t.co/dxMx1CW54m
- Monday Mar 30 - 9:06pm

Matt and Kim's Matt Johnson Picks His Favorite Song From Every One of Their Albums | SPIN | Interviews http://t.co/EJ2TBuIvLi
- Monday Mar 30 - 7:14pm

RT @LeoDeLeo13: Favorite @RISKshow story teller @MelanieHamlett returns with another winning narrative 😆 she is hilarious. #podcast http://…
- Monday Mar 30 - 6:06pm



EUGENE MIRMAN brings his satirical observational style and some visual aids to a new uncensored and extended CD/DVD combo package, Eugene Mirman: An Evening of Comedy in a Fake Underground Laboratory, to be released February 5 by COMEDY CENTRAL Records.  The CD/DVD combo also includes the “Eugene!” pilot highlight reel bonus feature.

Mirman is a wizard at finding humor in what ordinary people find mundane, and in his first one-hour special, filmed at the historic Fillmore in San Francisco, Mirman treats the audience to a hilarious grownup game of show and tell.  Prepared with print-outs, cocktail napkins, and his childhood notebook, he explains a unique way to keep your daughter safe, what happens when a cable company repeatedly screws him over, and how to make ten Saudi Arabian men give you $40 each.  Theremin enthusiasts will be excited to know that Mirman stole Jimmy Page’s instrument and uses it in this special.

“Eugene Mirman: An Evening of Comedy in a Fake Underground Laboratory,” premiered on COMEDY CENTRAL on Friday, December 14.

Catch Eugene performing this week at the 12th Annual SF Sketchfest in San Francisco:

Friday, January 25
Pretty Good Friends with Eugene Mirman
with Reggie Watts, Kristen Schaal, John Roberts and more
8pm at Cobb’s Comedy Club $25

Kristen Schaal & Friends
with Steve Agee, Erin Foley, Eugene Mirman, Dan St Germain and Beth Stelling
10:30pm at Cobb’s Comedy Club $25

Saturday, January 26
Delocated Witness Protection Program Variety Show with Jon Glaser
with Steve Agee, Eugene Mirman, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Kristen Schaal and special musical guest Bob Mould
10pm at Cobb’s Comedy Club $25